LITALICO Works (Employment Support Service)

Respond to the one's "Want to work".

LITALICO Works is a service that supports "working" of people with disabilities.
For those who want to get a job in a company, We provide workshops to improve business skills, cultivate recruitment matched to the person, interpersonal relationship support after finding employment. We provide consistent services to realize that person’s way of working.

By staff with an understanding of characteristics, we are preparing environments that can be used by a wide range of people including those with disabilities, intellectual disabilities and mental disorders, as well as those with developmental disabilities and intractable diseases.

Over 1,300 employment people every year, realize their way of working

Working is one of way that improves the quality of life.
LITALICO Works thinks peoples will be healthy through working and helping others. Because they feel someone need them.

We also provide detailed support that meets your needs to realize the way each individual works. Through counseling with the staff, we will work at our own pace towards our goals.

Some people aim to work on hobbies, others want work in the quiet time of the night. Some people want to get a job in three months, others want to work over two years while restoring their physical strength. In response to each need, we offer a wide variety of services such as basic training of personal computers, assembly work, business manners training, resume writing, interview practice, support for interpersonal relations after employment, family support.

In addition, we provide opportunities to practice in many companies to find ways of working that suits them. By actually getting experience with several companies, it is possible to more concretely imagine the way of work and environment that one wishes, and many people lead to actual employment.

LITALICO Works will design a society in which diverse individualities can be utilized by creating diverse environments where individuals can play an active role in the community and society.

To that end, we believe that it is necessary to create an environment in which diverse people can work safely. We are also offering consulting services tailored to the needs of companies to solve such problems.

We will support "work" of people with disabilities from various directions by delivering know-how gained from daily assistance to businesses and regions from the viewpoint of changing the enterprise, the community and the whole society. And through each person's "working in their own way", we will realize the future in which diverse individualities are demonstrated as values in business, region and society.

Voice of customer

Cherish the pleasure of being able to work
I want to enrich every day.

I lost physical condition from busyness in my previous job and I could not work for about 6 years. The reason why I chose LITALICO Works is because I wanted to join this circle as I saw how lucky people are lively and active in a bright environment. It was also a big deciding factor that I could have my own place outside. Today, I have found a foundation for my life through job hunting and I can think of the future brightly. I value the joy of being able to work and want to enrich every day.
(After using LITALICO Works for 9 months, get a job in a foodservice company)

I could tell the staff from my heart, so I feel very relieved.

I cried a lot and worried about the present condition that I can not work even if I want to work. When first calling LITALICO Works, I felt warmth in the staff's way of speaking and decided to use. LITALICO Works was told as it was, so feeling was very comfortable. The attitude of the staff who are always serious and understanding was impressive. To keep things most important in finding employment. Because of my best friend’s words "Don't work hard, just keep on long, working is wonderful", I keep working today.
(After using LITALICO Works for 3 months, finding office work)

Employment support LITALICO Works

Service contents

For employment with people with disabilities, We offer the following services.

  • · Preparation for employment
  • · Corporate internship
  • · Job hunting
  • · Establishment of workplace
Number of locations:
120 bases (as of March 2023)
Number of registrants:
3,738 (as of March 2023)
Number of people employed in 2022:
Fixing rate in 2022:

Comprehensive support for employment of persons with disabilities

Service contents

Employment Number Cumulative Results Utilizing more than 6000 expertise to support management of business establishment, recruitment and training.

  • · Employment Transition Support Office Establishment Support Service
  • · Advisory on employment transition support place business management
  • · Employment consulting for persons with disabilities
  • · Training service