LITALICO Life(Life plan consultation)

One of those "Own life"

LITALICO Life provides information and life plan design tailored to each individual's interests and issues so that everyone can follow their own life.

Innate characteristics, developmental disabilities, LGBT, etc. Sometimes, ""feeling different from others"" makes life prospects and choices narrow.
We want to provide opportunity to know the future image, various goals and various options. Through meet people with the same experience and expertise, and have a community that can share similar orientations and issues, we believe that each person's potential will be expanded.

Opportunities and options for the one

To build a life plan for a family member and a person, we need a wide range of specialized knowledge and information, such as“ welfare and public systems ”,“ how to use unique talents ”,“ finance and inheritance ”, and“ local and private service information ”.
At LITALICO Life, we hold “study sessions” on various themes, such as career choices that expand the individuality of children, employment options for person with disabilities, LGBT life planning. In addition, through “life planning interviews” with consultants who have specialized knowledge, we can feel the possibilities of ourselves and children. and we want to help to create plans to realize your own goal.
By drawing on a future that is unique for you, we will propose various opportunities for each of you to make your life feel free and richer.


Service contents
  • ・Study sessions by theme
  • ・Individual consultation
  • ・Development of life plan
  • ・Introduction of social resources
  • ・Financal planning for Families