LITALICO Work Navi (employment information site of people with disabilities)


Employment information website
for people with barriers to working.

LITALICO Work Navi is a "job information site" that people with disabilities in working can find jobs and employment support services that suited themselves.

We think there is many people who can not find job suitable for them easily or who did a job hunting by themselves without knowing the employment support service. Until now, We have operated the LITALICO Works, a employment support service for people with disabilities, and We feel that there are still many people who are in trouble because they do not know how to search for services and work that suited them It is.

We want to tell that there are opportunities for everyone to work by delivering information and services to work themselves. LITALICO Work Navi started from such a feeling.

A site that can find companies and employment support for you

Users of LITALICO Work Navi can find business establishments that manage employment support services that meet their needs based on service attention points and employment record. We wanted to be “LITALICO Work Navi” where the whole industry enhances the quality of service by actively distributing the characteristics of employment support services for people with disabilities that had little information so far thinking about now.

Also, through the column, you can get information that will help you find job hunting activities and how to work your way, such as the content of welfare service, how to choose it, case example interview of the person who actually got a job.

Everyone can meet workplaces and services that you can work your way. By creating such a job information website, LITALICO Work Navi wants to aim at "a society without any barriers to working".

Employment information site of people with disabilities in working "LITALICO Work Navi"


Service contents
  • · Browsing and searching for employment support services
  • · Information on employment and columns