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LITALICO Developmental Navi is a developmental disability portal site that shares information with parents who raises children who are concerned about development.

In LITALICO We learned that it is very difficult to find that the child’s necessary services at that time and that information on developmental disorders while engaging in support for children who are concerned about development. There are also cases where there are few people who can not find local specialized agencies and support services or who can consult nearby.

"LITALICO Developmental Navi" started so that parents has expectations for the future of the child, so that parenting can be done with confidence.

A community collecting information about parenting and local specialized agencies

In Q & A, you can ask questions from parents and mothers such as "Are you troubled!" or "maybe developmental disorder?" Feel free to ask questions about parenting, and you can get answers from senior parents users and experts all over the country.

In the column, children's parenting experience stories, which are concerned about development, articles interviewed by people who are active in various fields besides experts' columns, articles contributing to the future image such as "100 story" are delivered.

And we provide "regional information" that searches welfare services, administrative, educational, medical institutions and other facilities in each region and can post reviews as well as "troubles & solutions" introducing solutions to each child-raising problem Information on disability is aiming for a portal site that is safe if you look at LITALICO Developmental Navi.

Developmental disability portal site "LITALICO Developmental Navi" LITALICO developmental navigation

LITALICO Developmental Navi
Service contents
  • · Q & A that parents can consult with each other
  • · Columns on developmental disorders and raising children
  • · Regional facilities information and comments
  • · Troubles & solutions of child rearing