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LITALICO Developmental Navi is a developmental disability portal site that shares information with parents who raises children who are concerned about development.

In LITALICO We learned that it is very difficult to find that the child’s necessary services at that time and that information on developmental disorders while engaging in support for children who are concerned about development. There are also cases where there are few people who can not find local specialized agencies and support services or who can consult nearby.

"LITALICO Developmental Navi" started so that parents has expectations for the future of the child, so that parenting can be done with confidence.

Supporting welfare services and general companies

In addition, LITALICO Developmental Navi supports other welfare services and general companies that support children's growth.

For welfare services, we provide PR support , operational efficiency, and human resource development.
For companies, we support product development and in-house training that creates new value from the perspective of children's development. Then, we will increase the choices of families with children.

We aim to create a social system that allows all children to develop their own 'power to live' with themselves, together with their families, welfare services, and companies.

Developmental disability portal site "LITALICO Developmental Navi" LITALICO developmental navigation

LITALICO Developmental Navi
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  • · Q & A that parents can consult with each other
  • · Columns on developmental disorders and raising children
  • · Regional facilities information and comments
  • · Troubles & solutions of child rearing