LITALICO Wonder ( IT & Manufacturing Classroom )

Free to the one's "Creativity".

LITALICO Wonder is a place of learning to nurture creativity according to the individuality of children through manufacturing using technology. With the theme of "thinking, making, communicating", you can learn cutting-edge manufacturing such as programming, robotics, digital fabrication using 3D printers, web design.

From preschool children to high school students, children of a wide range of years are fostering creativity while keeping their eyes on manufacturing. Among the space that stimulates creativity. Young and excellent engineers work with children to create new education.

There is no answer, if I will create a new thing not in the world.

For children born in the 21st century, which is said to be digital native, IT is already part of our lives. In the future, children will have the necessary IT skills and provide a curriculum that learning here leads to future innovation.

In LITALICO Wonder, rather than creating the work instructed by the teacher, we value the experience of drawing their interests and creating new things not in the world. Children Repeat trial and error to figure out new ideas and methods themselves and shape them. All of that process is a new discovery and great education. Also, we think "like" leads to acquiring various other skills. For example, it is also an opportunity to tell people how to work, improve communication skills, and learn how to engage with friends by creating collaborative work with their colleagues. By offering an environment that can be completely absorbed in making your favorite things, we will draw out individual talents and creativity.

Children's growth case

I was really surprised him to be able to make something on a computer

He is keenly focused on what he like and he does not show much interest in normal learning, but this time for the first time he participates in the game programming course and seem to be addicted to “Scratch” so that he can work at home. He liked assembling blocks and playing games on a PC, but I was really surprised him to be able to operate something on his own by using a computer other than games. He is very much looking forward to it, so I will continue to take classes for programming in the future.
(From 4 ages boy's parents)

I got to know more possibility of our child.

First I was worried because he got bored so quickly about everything, but he was concentrating on the programing for 90 minutes. So I could see his appearance that we cannot see usually. And I found great possibility of him. He asked to apply for this lesson with his own money, so I think that it is really fun. He usually overslept on Sunday because he was tired from school. but now, I was really astonished because he got up earlier than usual after I started participating in the LITALICO Wonder program. I think that he is looking forward to a programming lesson.
(From parents with boy junior high school first grader)

IT & Manufacturing classroom LITALICO Wonder

Service contents
  • · Game / application programming course
  • · Robotics Course
  • · Digital Fabrication Course & etc
Number of locations:
19 bases (as of March 2023)
Number of students:
4,862 (as of March 2023)