LITALICO Junior (Social Skills & Learning Classroom)

Power to the one's "Joy to be able".

LITALICO Junior is a social skill / learning classroom for infants to high school students. By constructing classes that make use of each favorite thing and good things, we aim to increase the child's "I made it!" And aim to acquire the power to become the foundation of life.

Because there are expert lecturers who can grasp individual cognitive and psychological characteristics, children who are not good at studying, children who are not good at engaging with friends, autism, Down Syndrome, LD, ADHD, pervasive development children who are undergoing diagnosis of disability etc can also pass with confidence. As a good understanding of children, we provide learning that suits each person, family, school and community.

Provide learning according to individuality from a professional point of view

LITALICO Junior provides guidance tailored to each child's characteristics. First, the teacher assessed each child and prepared individual tutoring plans according to their cognitive characteristics and tasks. Because children take classes based on their own original curriculum, they can learn in small steps that suits them and gain a lot of success experiences. Educational materials are also considering the stumbling points and characteristics of each person. The teacher choose materials that fit the child from among thousands, or they make it handcrafted.

If the challenges of each person are different, then how to tell and timing for tell will different also. Having education that matches your personality and interests will lead to better growth of the child. We believe that custom-made education for LITALICO Junior is not only for children with disabilities, but also for all children who will lead to better growth.

Children's growth case

Many of successful experiences make a child who positively challenge anything.

There were times when I tried to teach studying at home, but the more I did it, the more I could not afford, the more I got mad at me. As I go to LITALICO Junior, my son can count up to the number "5". And he started to challenge his weakness point with confident. Looking at his behavior, I think that I was able to afford a mind. The number of praise that "You can do it! It is amazing!" Has increased, and it is a pleasure to have a son's smile returning each time.
(From preschool children's parents)

Our child was always crying but now he is smile and friendly.

In LITALICO Junior, when you want to study teacher's guidance you can see the inside classroom in the monitor. When you are tired of child rearing, you can go shopping to relax or choose how to use time according to the situation at that time However, it is very helpful. At the beginning our child was crying at the entrance. But after he got used to it, he participated happily in gymnastics that he absolutely would not do in kindergarden, and taught gently to his smaller friends. When I saw it, I was really surprised.
(From preschool children's parents)

Expanding the possibilities of children LITALICO Junior


Social Skills & Learning Classroom LITALICO Junior

Service contents
  • · Kindergarten & nursery school preparation course
  • · Elementary school preparation course
  • · Comprehensive strength improvement course
  • · Learning course
  • · Social skills course
  • · Parent training

Welfare services such as child development support and day service such as after school can also be used.

Number of bases:
154 bases (as of March 2023)
Number of students:
9,681 (as of March 2023)