Employment Issues

LITALICO introduces social issues and ideas for concrete solutions that LITALICO thinks.

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Problem:Difficulty to workfor people with disabilities cause the vicious circle by prolonged inability to work

People with disabilities are said to have 9.64 million in Japan. Among them, only 14% work in the workable population of 3.77 million, there are situations where the rest do not work.

3.77 million people with disabilities in Japan Only 0.14 mil are working

A small part (240 thousand people) goes to welfare institutions out of work, but it is a tough situation for the average income of the month to live at 15,600 yen.

Direction of solution : Make life a virtuous circle with the opportunity to work

Working improves the spirit
and improves the quality of life

One of the important issues that we think is that the majority of those who are not working are in a vicious cycle due to prolonged state without contact with society. Self-affirmation declines with what you can not do even if you want to get a job, you will feel that you do not want to meet anyone, and you may not actively go out. And, as work blanks have prolonged, they are getting into a state where they can not get a job anymore, and many people are getting worse.

Without job→Losing confidence→A shut-in→Blank is prolonged→…

For example, in the case of depression who developed depression and persisted at home for many years. Those who were bad in life rhythm and who slept immediately during the training, but I hired a game software sales company to make use of the individuality like game lovers. With confidence, I could make friends at work, and I often got out. A while ago, she could do it, I wanted a carryup for the goal of living with her, and I began to work harder further.
By getting the feeling needed by someone, the spirit becomes cheerful and the desire to send a better life by spirit grows, the motivation to grow a better life, work harder, live a rich life I will go. Working is a way to improve the quality of life for each and every one.

LITALICO's employment support service

It is also a big thing that people who had been receiving tax service so far will change to taxpayers. Those who were deemed difficult to find employment will be able to work, thereby reducing taxes and turning into taxpayers. It has a big impact on the economy as well.

Public expense reduction

LITALICO provides employment support services to 106 business sites nationwide for people with difficulty in working to realize a society where various people can work themselves. Among them, we are actively promoting employment of people with mental disorders, which were considered particularly difficult to work.

Year 1712 Employees Mental Disorder60% Developmental Disability28% Intellectual Disability7% Physical Disability4% Intractable disease etc.1%

As future tasks, we will realize high-quality employment that can demonstrate the unique value of each employee, actively work on improving salary, etc. and improving working wishes, building a society where diverse individualities can be active I'd like to.