LITALICO Career (Career service for disability welfare)

Both of the one’s happiness
and your happiness.

We want to bring the power of various people to people who have difficulties and need support.

LITALICO Career is a site where people get to know the industry for disabled welfare and who want to work in the field of disabled welfare can find a job with "what kind of person, what kind of purpose do you want to help?"

LITALICO has been involved with more than 40,000 people through support for children with developmental disabilities and employment support for people with disabilities.

What we felt in that, “the passion of the person” can expand the one’s possibility.

And being happy is that the people who support it will lead to the happiness of those involved.

So we opened the LITALICO Career, hoping to increase the number of "people" to support in this disabled welfare, and to have people who have thought and experience various things to continue to be involved in welfare.

Increase the number of people who create a society without disabilities and make them happy.

The sense of fulfillment of the work that solves each person's difficulties together and the growth that can be obtained from it is very significant.

However, its attractiveness has not been transmitted to the world so much, so it is not an option /selection /choice for finding a job or changing a job ,currently.

In LITALICO career, the service is to convey the attraction to many people through the media and to match with the workplace where they feel happy to work.

By enriching job placements and job information, we will make the place together that friends who create a society without disabilities can work more like yourself and lead to their own happiness by supporting people with difficulties.

LITALICO Career ( Media & career service for disability welfare )

Service contents
  • ・Information and interview columns of people who work for disabled welfare.
  • ・Job information search about disability welfare.
  • ・Job change & career support service to the disabled welfare.