Educational Issues

LITALICO introduces social issues and ideas for concrete solutions that LITALICO thinks.

Design new educationfor children

Challenge:Individuality does not grow with uniform learning Each direction is different

Each way of learning is different. For example, some people understand with intuition, others take time to reach deep understanding. Which is not good, it is a difference in learning style. There are also children who are good at understanding learning methods while watching reading or figures rather than asking the teacher to explain. There are various environments where you can concentrate on learning, such as narrow and quiet rooms and listening to music. Everyone has different learning needs, and the learning method that fits each person is different. Continuing with the learning method that does not fit yourself is one factor that makes "I do not know", "I can not do anything", "It's boring", resulting in disliked studies, a decline in the self-affirmation of children.

Children showing remarkable difficulty in learning or behavior 6.5%

Number of non-attending children nationwide (Survery in FY2018) 160,000

According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, 6.5% of students showed significant difficulties in learning or behavior, 190 thousand who failed to go to school.
LITALICO believes that it is difficult to cope with these tasks only by the school education mechanism.

Direction of solution (1):Create a regional ecosystem where you can freely choose how to learn

LITALICO creates diverse educational resources in the community and each resource cooperates to create a community in which each learning can be chosen together. For example, there is a way to outsource some of the role of the school to the region. Professional external lecturers such as IT classes, preparation of tests and scoring is a cram school, experts support teaching children with learning disabilities ─ ─. In addition, various educational resources can be considered, such as iterative learning with a private company's e-learning system, opening a full-scale science experimental classroom in collaboration with universities.
"LITALICO Junior" opened as one of the educational resources in those areas became 111 classrooms nationwide. We provide learning services suitable for each child in each region and support to create an optimum learning environment in home and school.

Direction ofsolution (2):There is not yet a new education

"Mastering 5 subjects in a well-balanced manner" is one direction of growth, but the direction in which interest and interests of children grow is more diverse. For example, a child with a talent excelled in mathematics can gradually upgrade and learn quickly, or a child with a strong interest in the universe participates in the astronomy experiment of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA ─ ─. Also, from the feeling that you want to know more about your favorite game and animation, you may read many books and acquire Japanese language skills as a result.
In addition, you can develop and create your own work, expand your business as a business, and lead directly to the success in society.
In LITALICO, in April 2014, we opened a classroom "LITALICO Wonder" to learn the latest digital manufacturing making use of programming and 3D printers. We believe that education that ignites the hearts of children and develops the creativity and strengths that children originally possess will lead to innovative human resources.

of current elementary school students will get a job thatdose not exist now 65%

Considering the past twenty years, a lot of new occupations that made use of individuality have been born and have met the diverse needs of people. By believing in the senses and possibilities of children and promoting education to extend personality, I believe that the realization of diverse lifestyles will accelerate and will become a world that recognizes individuality in a true sense.