Representative Message

Thank you for all. We have reached the 19th term in 2023.
I am grateful that we have the opportunity to cooperate with many people and challenge social issues.

We have a vision of "Creating a society without any barriers" and have faced social issues.

What is "disability"?

There are people who are enclosed as "disabled people" because there is a big difficulty in social life, but if there is a cool-wheel chair that can move easily in a physically handicapped person, "difficult to move" will be eliminated, isn't it? If there is a workplace where people with a strong mental anxiety can work with peace of mind, will not "difficult to work" be lost? There are diverse people in society. If there are services and technologies that realize the diversity of people's lives on the part of society, barriers can be lost.

The disability is not on a person but it is on the side of society.

"LITALICO Works", an employment support service for those who have difficulty working, and a tailor-made learning classroom “LITALICO Junior” for children who have difficulty learning , IT & Manufacturing classroom “LITALICO Wonder” developed we have done it. Furthermore, in 2015, we started Internet business. Furthermore, In 2015, the Internet business was started. In addition to the developmental disability portal site “LITALICO Development Navi”, we have released a job information site “LITALICO Work Navi” for people with disabilities in work. Last year, we also commercialized “LITALICO Life,” which supports the life of people with disabilities and characteristics.

In globalization progresses, how do we face various people in the world? I think it is a very big theme.
I would like to create a society for people, not people for society and the economy. I would like to design a new society centered on people who can make people diverse. And I want to build a big society that can transform people's diversity into the power of the world. We LITALICO think so.

Speaking from the perspective of education, we need to promote education that extends each person's diverse personality.
We believe that by connecting various diversity of people's original identity and the diverse needs of the world, we will realize mutual diversity of lifestyles and recognize diversity in a true meaning.

Also from an economic point of view, in order to maintain richness (GDP = Gross Domestic Product) in Japan where population declines, productivity should be increased. Since we do not have resources such as petroleum in Japan, it is important how we develop human resources who can create added value.
Welcoming people with different abilities and educating themselves to develop strength can create "a talented person who will not lose at specific field", "a person with one overwhelming strength point" and make it a big economic power I guess.

The origin of the company name "LITALICO" is a coined word combining Japanese "altruism" and "selfishness". Happiness to those involved leads to their happiness. It is a philosophy brand that expresses our philosophy and values. I think that one of the merits of Japanese people is "a heart to consider others." Although the East Japan great earthquake occurred, the Japanese "altruistic mind" demonstrated at that time gave courage and hope to people all over the world, not only in the afflicted area but also throughout the world.

Thanks to the efforts of our predecessors, Japan still has the trust from the world.
Challenge I think that we can become ourselves first in such existence that has a vision of a world that can be drawn because Japan is an advanced country, and to demonstrate courageous leadership in the international community.

Thanks for your continued guidance.

Representative Director, CEO

Atsuya Hasegawa