Officer Introduction

Representative Director, CEO
Atsumi Hasegawa

Born in Kasahara Town, Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture in 1985. He graduated Nagoya University in 2008. In May 2008 he joined LITALICO as a new graduate and assumed office as representative director and president in August 2009.

Representative Director, CEO, COO
Fumihiro Yamaguchi

Joined LITALICO as the Executive Vice President in April 2022, and became a Representative Director, CEO, COO in April 2023. Prior to entering LITALICO, he served as the Executive Officer of Recruit Co. where he was responsible for Education and Learning, Product Management Division. Previously, he was the Executive Officer, Recruit Marketing Partners Co. . He began his career at Recruit Co. .

Representative Director, COO, CFO
Takahiro Tsuji

Joined LITALICO as CFO in April 2020 and became a director in July of the same year. Prior to entering LITALICO, he served as a director of M3, Inc. where he was responsible for finance, accounting, business administration and human resources. Previously, he was in charge of financial strategy and investor relations at Sony Corporation. He began his career at The Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan.

Non-Exective Director / Audit Committee Member
  • Yasuo Kitamura
  • Yasuhiro Yano
  • Yoshie Komuro