Philosophy & Vision

Philosophy of LITALICO

The word "LITALICO" was coined by combining
two Japanese words:
利他 (altruism) and 利己 (self-centeredness).
We aim to create a world
where we can achieve both of these concepts,
by building a relationship between societal benefit
and each individual’s happiness.

Vision of LITALICO

Create a society without obstacles

Disability is not on a person, it is on the side of society.
Through the removing of barriers in society,create a people-centered society where diverse people can be happy.

Symbols of LITALICO

Create a social structure that maximizes the possibilities of all "people".

In order to achieve this goal,
we need to develop a society for people,
not people for the society;
we need to design a people-centered society.

We cherish each individual person,
and we hope to be colleagues who respect and value one another.
In business and organizations as well,
people are always at the center.
So for our corporate symbol,
we adopted a design that symbolizes the Japanese kanji 人,
which means “people.”

Corporate color adopts all colors.
For our corporate symbol,
we did not pick one color;
we adopted multiple colors, signifying
that the people at the center of the society are diverse.