Move everyone Be cool and smart,
Next Generation Personal Mobility


We are developing and selling the next-generation personal mobility WHILL with the motto "to make the movement of everyone smart."
The motivation for WHILL's development began with the voice of a single wheelchair user. There are two big problems. The first point is a physical problem that looks like a sick person who has a limited ability. The second is a slope or a physical condition where the action range is narrowed due to the road surface condition.

In an effort to develop functional devices that would make even healthy people seem cool and to extend the range of action, we made a prototype of the first model over the course of a year. And then presented it at the Tokyo Motor Show.
At the event, we felt huge expectations from the world. WHILL has decided to formally incorporate the company in May 2012.
What we are making is neither an electric wheelchair nor a wheelchair. It is personal mobility that wheelchair users of a completely new category can also ride. We innovate in personal mobility.

Message to LITALICO

"Human diversity" in this world We will extend it as a merit. I sympathize with this thought. I look forward to the challenge of future education.
With regard to education like LITALICO Wonder, in this world of the digital age, while the concept of making is expanding in an infinite sense both digitally and physically, it is really good that creative options increase think. Make something instinctively possessed by humans and enrich your life, this is interesting! It's amazing! The place to demonstrate that is being released. It is purely exciting to think, to be inspiring, and to make full use of the right and left brains, and such experiences enrich humanity.

Satoshi Sugie,