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UNIFA Corporation

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About Unifa

Based on the mission of enriching family communication around the world with "family & technology", we aim to create a future nursery school "smart nursery school concept" that will reduce the burden on daycare operations and improve the quality of daycare by supporting IoT and ICT. You are Specifically, we offer the Internet photo & video service “Lookme Photo”, the orientation of the body during nap in the nursery and the app “Lookme Napping Check” for checking children's movement. We aim to support healthy growth of children and enrich family communication all over the world by utilizing various data related to children's present conditions and health.

Message to LITALICO

LITALICO's vision of creating a society without any barriers, said to be Japan's first social venture, and the origin of LITALICO's name "Changing the world" "Having employees happy" I strongly sympathized with the philosophy of achieving both. I would like to work together as a partner to meet social issues that can not be solved by myself alone, and to challenge social change.

Yasuyuki Toki,
Representative Director,
Unifa Co., Ltd.