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Teach For Japan

Realization of society that
children can receive
wonderful teaching for each

About Teach For Japan

At Teach For Japan, when we think about each and every child and society in the future, we think that there are not a few issues to be solved.
Regardless of the environment or region where you were born, in order to realize the education that all the children think would be “wonderful” for that child, talk with each child and carefully look at the children who will visit from now on We need teachers and schools that keep thinking seriously about how these children can live happily.
We have people with diverse experiences and a passion for education who will be assigned to a public school, and by collaborating with teachers in the school site, higher quality education in each classroom And seek to provide a great education for each and every child.

Message to LITALICO

I empathize with the approach to the educational task of creating a local society where learning suited to each and every one can be selected in the educational business of LITALICO.
I think that the approach to create a learning environment and educational resources is a very essential approach so that children's environment does not lose their potential.
We at Teach For Japan not only leave education problems to schools and homes, but also want to take action to increase the existence of adults who can face each child with a sense of ownership.
Let's work together to create a society where all children can grow!

Yusuke Matsuda,
Director, Teach For Japan