The teachers can work lively
To realize society
"Teachers all over Japan connect" SNS


Problems with schools are increasing day by day, such as overtime work and sick leave rates, biased teacher age distribution, and the need for an ever-increasing school. On the other hand, there are teachers all over Japan who struggle at school every day. We aim to create a society where such teachers can work lively, and to promote the learning of 13 million children who are ahead of them. Currently, as a platform to support the teachers of the school, we develop and manage the SNS "SENSEI NOTE" for teachers of elementary, middle and high schools and the event summary "SENSEI PORTAL" for teachers. SENSEI NOTE was officially released in March 2014, and teachers from all over Japan have already had a lively exchange on the site.

Message to LITALICO

As well as being strongly sympathetic to the future that LITALICO wants to realize, I am always inspired by the way we are drawn to the drawn future. Accepting the diversity of children and bringing out the potential they have will create the future of the future.
Let's run through together to create the future of children and society!

Haruki Asatani,
CEO, LOUPE Corporation