Olive Union

Olive Union

It is a smart ear devices
with high performance and low price,
Solve difficulties of
all hearing impaired people

About Olive Union

Olive Union is a startup company founded in Korea in 2016 and landed in Japan in 2019. We started with “hearing for all” as a slogan to make it easier to use hearing aids as if wearing glasses. There are approximately 466 million people with hearing impairments worldwide, of which only 20 to 25% are hearing aids. Hearing aids in recent years are very expensive, with an average of $ 4000 USD, making it difficult to obtain. Unlike traditional hearing aids and sound collectors, Olive Smart Ear, which was launched in Japan, is designed on the premise of smartphone cooperation. By making it possible to adjust the hearing according to the environment on the app, the costs of design, manufacturing, distribution, etc. are greatly reduced. To be available at a price that is easy for everyone to buy, at the $ 200 USD level. In addition to being able to obtain high performance at a low price, we realized an innovative product with excellent design that is invisible to hearing aids and sound collectors.

Message to LITALICO

Olive Union has developed hardware and software algorithms to help people with hearing loss. Traditional hearing aids have been very expensive and hard to purchase, but we create smart ear devices that are easy for anyone to get without losing quality, and toward the realization of “hearing for all” we are advancing.
The collaboration between LITALICO and Olive Union, whose mission is to create a society without disabilities, believes that they can mutually exert power and create new value in society.

Owen Song,
CEO, Olive Union Inc.