From the mountain of words
that people wrote, Change and
premonition to be captured Find it
with artificial intelligence and support people


We have developed an AI engine KIBIT, which has strengths in text analysis, and are conducting big data analysis in various fields. The feature of KIBIT is that it allows you to reproduce judgments that are close to a person by learning a little data based on the person's experience and sense. It is a "human-like" artificial intelligence learned from people.

In addition, it can read and analyze characters 4,000 times faster than people, find out sentences with similar meanings from a large amount of data, and show the movement and tendency of people's mind.

FRONTEO originally developed KIBIT to quickly find multiple languages in Japan, China, Korea and UK in the legal field such as international litigation and fraud investigation. Currently, it has expanded to a wide range of areas such as business intelligence, finance, human resources, healthcare, digital marketing, etc., and continues to capture the subtleties, changes, and signs of human mind.

Message to LITALICO

When I first met Mr. Hasegawa, and when I heard the story, "The disability is not on person, but on the side of society," I was sympathetic.
With our advanced technologies, we can improve information inequities and deliver the information we need to those who need it. We believed that our technology could contribute to the wishes of Mr. Hasegawa.
KIBIT has been introduced in LITALICO's work support service "LITALICO Works". KIBIT learns the experience and wisdom accumulated through employment support for disabled people and supports human life. In addition, the staff learns from KIBIT's analysis results and extends their abilities even further, realizing the ideal "people and artificial intelligence". Let's aim at "a society without barriers" in the future while collaborating in a wider range of fields.

Masahiro Morimoto,
President CEO,