NPO Accessible lab

Accessible lab

A "hard" barrier Resolve with "Heart"
Create a world where you can go
anywhere with a wheelchair

What is Accessible Lab

In Accessible Lab, based on the concept of "resolving the barrier of hard with heart", other information provision business including the operation of "Accessible Navi", a site where you can search the destination according to purpose , consulting business, communication business.
It is impossible to remove all barriers. However, with a little voice , help, and information you need, the barriers will be removed and you will have various options. Also, in training / consulting for companies, people with disabilities must be involved, which leads to improvement of usability.

Under the vision "Persons with disabilities as taxpayers!", We will solve social issues and lead to a mixed society where persons with disabilities and healthy people can understand each other.

Message to LITALICO

We asked Mr. Hasegawa, "Create a society without any barriers!"
At present, various legal arrangements are in progress in Japan, but I think that further improvement of the environment is necessary when working for the disabled.
Under such circumstances, it is not merely mere employment support, but that programs that allow users to feel the meaning, enjoyment and pleasure of work are linked to the overwhelming employment results and retention rate of LITALICO Inc.
I think the vision of LITALICO will become the world standard in the near future. Let's create together an exciting society where everyone can open up possibilities from a variety of options.

Kunpei Otsuka,
Director, NPO Accessible Lab